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Quality Policies

Politica de Calidad
TRADEL SERVICE SRL’s commitment is to provide a quality service to its clients. In order to achieve this, it implements quality policies, trying to ensure the optimum performance of all the company’s departments, as well as time reduction, removing task duplicity and other factors that influence the quality of the service provided.

The quality policies are detailed below:

  • To put first the needs and requirements of all the TRADEL SERVICE S.R.L.’s clients, providing customer service 24 hours a day.
  • To comply with all the laws and regulations in force that govern and control the freight forwarding service, staying up-to-date with the existing amendments in order to reinforce the reliability of all TRADEL SERVICE S.R.L.’s clients
  • To constantly train and instruct all the TRADEL SERVICE S.R.L.’s staff on the topics related to the freight forwarding service in order to maintain the high degree of specialization offered to its clients.
  • To carry out controls, audits and internal supervisions to detect opportunities to enhance the processes performed by the company, focused in constant improvement.
  • To provide consulting and support to all the clients and providers of the company TRADEL SERVICE S.R.L on Quality Management-related topics in order to maintain homogeneity between the client and the provider.
  • To supervise the activities of all TRADEL SERVICE S.R.L.’S staff in order to guarantee the compliance of the established guidelines and the goals set forth by the General Management.
Based on these quality policies, each of TRADEL SERVICE S.R.L.’s workers assume the responsibility entrusted to them in order to comply with the quality policies, assuming this responsibility as a personal goal and focusing it on the quality of the tasks performed.
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