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In order to satisfy the freight forwarding market’s needs, as well as our clients’ requirements, and to guarantee the levels of the service quality, TRADEL SERVICE SRL develops the following service modalities:

Local distribution (Local delivery):

TRADEL SERVICE SRL coordinates with its clients the pick-up of the freight to be transported within Metropolitan Lima, determining the initial point and the final point according to the required destinations and on the agreed due date. If needed, in some cases the freight is stored temporarily. In order to ensure the punctuality of the delivery, the monitoring is performed via the GPS satellite system that all of our vehicles have. Clients have the option of confirming their freight status in real time by using the TRADEL SERVICE SRL’s INTRANET.
Transporte Terrestre

Distribution by land nationwide:

For the exclusive nationwide delivery or distribution services, TRADEL SERVICE SRL has a large and modern vehicle fleet with different capacities that is renewed every three years and equipped with a GPS tracking satellite system. Likewise, it has mobile equipment for constant communication with the staff in charge of the service, ensuring this way the punctuality of the delivery and the integrity of the freight transported.
Transporte Nacional

Distribution by plane nationwide:

Thanks to our strategic partner LAN PERU, an airline that during the last 10 years has rewarded us as the agency that has shipped the highest amount of freight nationwide, TRADEL SERVICE SRL has accessibility to an airspace capacity very different when compared to other companies from the same category. Likewise, we have IATA and DGAC certifications that support our knowledge and handling of dangerous goods (DGR), specifically from class 9 (cosmetics), being also specialized in forwarding freight from the miscellaneous and perishable category. In order to cover the door-to-door service, we have a network of representatives who are capable of making the final freight delivery in optimum conditions in the most commercial cities of the country.
Transporte Aereo

Multimodal distribution nationwide:

In order to offer a more efficient service, making deliveries in the most unreachable destinations (Iquitos and Madre de Dios), Tradel Service SRL offers the service of multimodal transport, which involves two stages: land and fluvial. This is possible since we have highly qualified strategic partners with years of expertise in distribution, who have the necessary equipment to perform this task with the safety required. In this kind of service, the type of freight forwarded and the proper packaging for its handling and storage are highly considered.
Transporte Multimodal

Relocations nationwide:

We have a staff trained and specialized in the handling, packaging and transportation of all kind of goods. Likewise, we have the proper vehicular units for relocations according to our clients’ needs. For such purpose, we carry out a proper and responsible handling of the goods and essentials transported, complying also with all the regulations in force related to each of the activities included in freight forwarding.

Worldwide distribution:

TRADEL SERVICE SRL is one of the most representative freight forwarders in Peru, having an agent network of over 5,000 strategic partners located in almost every city, port and airport of the world. Since we are a corporate group that has a highly qualified staff, TRADEL SERVICE SRL also provides consulting on each of the processes involved in international trade. In order to accomplish this, we focus on providing a proper service by looking for the best strategic solution for the type of freight required for air transportation, sea transportation, projects and customs.
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